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Kenneth Brown

Life holds many daily challenges for all of us. These challenges are at home, work, school, and play. I have been uniquely successful in adapting to and overcoming the varied and many challenges that life’s experiences have brought to me.

I have faced these challenges in many different ways. I transformed myself from being disabled to become a person with a disability that has only one limitation. I set my own goals, strive to exceed mine as well as others expectations, and have a great day every day.

I believe if you are reading this page you are or were motivated by something or someone. I desire you to be self-inspired, empowered, and prepared to face every day, all day, with a positive attitude, which transforms into positive behaviors, which creates positive outcomes.

Words of wisdom can be found in many places and come from many sources. Motivational speakers come in all shapes and sizes, both genders, and all economic backgrounds. I will inspire you, I will empower you; you will leave our exchange with a renewed respect for yourself and other human beings.

I will share my story and myself with you. My commitment to all is that we will be better after our exchange. I have shared myself with professionals, students, educators, athletes, youth groups, employee groups, women’s groups, men’s groups, medical staffs, individuals, and others.